What Is Reality You Know

What is reality, we may state that there are a wide range of levels or measurements of the real world and whatever degree of reality you are in that is alright. Entertainers in a TV arrangement are showing story lines of characters that content journalists have composed. They meet up in a studio and assume out their jobs. As watchers what do we see, we see a TV screen, a somewhat little item, and we watch the unfurling show. We giggle, we cry, we blow up and we can understand relate to the lives on that screen. We can examine the goings on of the characters of the show with our universities at work and companions and accomplices. We examine and mull over the feelings and sentiments of our TV companions. Their lives and practices and outcomes appear to be genuine and we realize it isn’t genuine, however I dread a few people think that its difficult to welcome that the entertainers are not the characters, that is the characters are pretend, a dream.

Once in a while on-screen characters get excessively related to their character that they are depicting and they start to feel that they are the character. Maybe the character (particularly the legend type) is more speaking to the on-screen character than himself. They begin to accept they are the character. The picture progresses toward becoming reality and this is our main thing, we accept we are our picture. A picture that we depict to the world and we envision other individuals seeing us in the manner the picture is expected. Pictures conveying to pictures, making loads of clamor and a fundamentally nonsensical uproar. What’s more, that is absolutely alright, there is not much or off-base about that. We as a whole do it. It is simply one more layer based Agen Ceme on going before layers, only the very hint of something larger. On the off chance that we know about the layers that are underneath, at that point we will be glad for we know a greater amount of our substances. In any case, in the event that we feel that we are just the peripheral or the highest layer, at that point bliss and so forth will evade us and we will be cheated. The more layers we know about then the more we are aware of ourselves.

Illumination is knowing all of ourself. Know thy self! has been resounded since our commencement by spiritualists and sages but what number of us really need ‘to know myself’? Not simply the conduct or why we do the things we do, not comprehend, not to know a little piece of our self, however to Know all.

Realizing ourselves has been recognized by every one of the spiritualists and sages of the past as the way to illumination. Realizing ourselves is an awesome and baffling adventure loaded up with amazement. There is not something to fear but then what anticipates us is the dread of the obscure. All the more accurately it is simply the dread that makes the dread of the obscure. Our character, the self image is the maker of this dread. Our sense of self feelings of dread its own creation, conscience fears and is unnerved of nothingness. It is startled that in the event that it turns around heading, rather than going outwards however going inwards it will wind up toward the start. At the beginning stage of itself, and what at that point yet nothingness, insensibility. The sense of self will attempt to anticipate you going toward that path, it will deliver dread and fear, all created. Dream, guile and skillful deception, however feeling genuine by the by. It works and we essentially recapture our forward, outward, away from bearing, it appears to be so intelligent, so consistent, so legitimate, time pushes ahead, goes from here to there, we should go that way.

Thus we know little of our self, a solitary drop of water in every one of the seas of the world and as we age we know less. The most freeing knowledge you can have on this plane of presence is turning around heading, making a plunge, going down and finding what is there, going through degrees of mindfulness, ending up additional as you do. What’s more, nothingness is the entryway, the entryway, the section among soul and around here, just a way, go through and you have edification. In any case, your motivation isn’t to remain there, for that is the thing that it will be, it is all and complete and entirety. Your motivation is to know about this and after that move back through the path and up through the levels, with the main information there is, the learning of you. You may expel yourself from the commotion and deception of our materialistic world and become a loner and invest however much energy as could reasonably be expected inside and that is alright or you may do precisely what you were doing previously and that is alright. Or then again anything in the middle.

You will currently know more than a hint of something larger, you will have been a piece of the ice shelf, the totality of the ice sheet and now there is nothing to fear. You know. What next then is up to you, your self image being similarly as significant as the rapture, will be able to choose however settle on information and truth as opposed to fear. There will be more tranquility, an alternate kind of serenity a smoothness that is ever present, to a greater degree a quietness truly, notwithstanding when you are all around effectively associated with any kind of interest or activity.

Here is an adept Zen saying “Before Enlightenment cleave wood convey water, after Enlightenment, slash wood convey water.” The things that need doing are equivalent to previously. What is distinctive is that you are completely present doing the activities and it feels great doing them since you have done them. You welcome, you adore, you see fantasy for deception and you quit being dream. All your inspiring forceful feelings are little portrayals of soul. In any case, words are simply words.

So what is reality? Don’t we need to know what the truth is? The truth isn’t meaning, not reason, not looking, not looking for, not you, not I, not me, not us, not we, not them, not this, not that, not various things, not time, not space, not limits, not adore, not loathe, not want, not needs, not needs, not all that matters, not nothing, nothing.

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